Ireland Dream Vacation

I know my way around Belfast so when I am asked to set up a trip for an old friend that includes a stop at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, I know just what to do. He can have a tasting experience like no other and learn how to pour a perfect draft with just the right amount of head. The professionals will take him in hand. I happen to know one or two personally as they come from my town. Privileged visitors can take the connoisseur tour at the Guinness Storehouse. Find out your favorite dark blends while you enjoy the view from the Gravity Bar. There is also a museum displaying artifacts and information about the history of Ireland’s favorite brand.

If you are a beer lover, the Storehouse is not to be missed, which is why I placed it high on my sightseeing list.  I plan for my friend to sample Guinness Draft, Extra Stout, Black Lager, and Foreign Extra. There are others but this is a good start. There is a lot to know about our legendary Irish dry stout. Every visitor goes home with a souvenir. But first you get to see the 4th floor luxury lounge to complete your connoisseur experience of one of the most successful beer brands in the world. I love the pouring ritual to achieve a perfect head, so much so that I went and read up about it on Crack a Cold One. The beer is creamy, poured fresh from the tap, and has a wonderful smooth flavor with chocolate undertones that are rich and delicious. Some beer has full-bodied notes as it is brewed with extra barley and hops to add a special bite. After the typical tasting session, you pick your favorite and get a pint to savor on the spot or as you wish. There is much to be seen after in and around the Storehouse. Seven floors of memorabilia constitute the vast museum.

Beer is big in Ireland as you might have guessed. Every tourist rushes to the nearest pub for our stout. We are proud of our heritage and enjoy sharing it with the world. The Guinness Storehouse is a top attraction. When my friend arrives, I will start with a city tour of Belfast and a meal at my favorite local eatery. We will catch up about old times and I will prep him for his trip to Dublin. I wish I could go along, but alas I have to work. I expect a full rundown in any case and, of course, his Guinness preference. We ae taking bets as to what it is likely to be. The winner gets treated to a dinner of his choice.

Belfast is a grand town with lots to do and sights to enjoy. In each blog, I will highlight the best. I thought I had to mention the Guinness tour right away so readers don’t forget to put it on their to do lists when visiting. I wish you a great experience.