Great Things to do in Belfast

If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, you should definitely consider Belfast. It is a beautiful place, full of picturesque sites and historical significance. Here are a few things you can do in Belfast to help convince you it is worth a look:

Titanic Belfast. The infamous ship was made right here in the Belfast shipyards, so it’s fitting that we have the largest Titanic-themed exhibit in the world. Here you can learn about the shipbuilding boom that took place here as well as artefacts from the Titanic itself. It’s more than just a few old documents behind glass; there are interactive features, special effects, dark rides, and reconstructions. You can even visit the SS Nomadic, the tender that was built to transfer passengers as well as mail to and from the Titanic.

Another good way to experience the culture and history of Belfast is to visit the hundreds of murals around the area that are dedicated to The Troubles and the history of the Irish. Whether you’re looking for interesting art, political and cultural context, or if you’re just curious, there are tours and guides—in person and on the internet—to help you as you experience one of Belfast’s beloved traditions of expression.

The Ulster Museum, The Ulster Folk & Transportation Museum, and the Ulster American Folk Park are all part of the National Museums of Northern Ireland.  You’ll find something for everyone: storytelling for kids, art, natural science exhibits, a historical parkland depicting life 100 years ago, and a selection of transport vehicles spanning the ages.

And if you like to drive, you’ll love the Causeway Coastal Route. It’s a marked drive along the coast of Northern Ireland. You’ll drive alongside the sea and over mountains on a 190 km (120 miles) route between Belfast and Londonderry. There are nine other routes that loop off the main route to provide anexploration into other beautiful locals, like rural Derry. Travelling along these side roads provides you with access to some gorgeous scenery and quaint towns, as well as unique shopping and dining opportunities.

If food and drink are more your things, we’ve got that, too. From Bushmills Whiskey Distillery to Michelin star restaurants OX and Eipic, there are plenty of high-quality options. With a great music scene and some fantastic bars, you can’t go wrong with a pub crawl to experience both at the same time. Start at the Duke of York and you may never make it to another pub on your list!

These are just a sampling of what you can expect on a trip to Belfast. Talk to an experienced travel agent or do some online searching for more on these or other great things to do in the city of Belfast. I guarantee you’ll find something worth your while!